Bob Murphy in Concert

Work is a concert of solo piano by Bob Murphy. Audio Recording duration: 01:15:21 Digitized audio of this concert is available through the Western Front


On Being Invisible

Brainwave controlled hybrid computer sound synthesis system. David Rosenboom conducted research into methods of relating information processing in the human nervous system to aesthetic experience,


Evan Parker in Concert

Solo saxophone concert by Evan Parker. Sponsored by the Vancouver New Music Society. Programme: Solo Concert Improvisations for soprano sax and tenor sax Audio Recording


Blue Tales in Time

Paul Cram, tenor saxophone; Lisle Ellis, bass; Paul Plimley, piano, vibraphone; Gregg Simpson, drums. Audio Recording duration: 01:53:32 Digitized audio of this concert is available through


Peter Hannan in Concert

Recorder and Electronics Peter Hannan, Recorder Arlie Thompson, Casio Keyboard Program: Gesti (1965) Luciano Berio Black Intention (1975) Maki Ishili East Wind (1981) Barry Truax Generic Music (1982-83) Peter