Steve Lacy in Concert

Solo soprano saxophone. Vancouver Jazz Society. Concert and workshop. Having recently opened the first edition of Black Swan Records on main Street near 8th Avenue,


The Upgrade! Vancouver

Tobias considered his involvement in tactical media and technoculture past, present and future, including a brief overview of the work of  ST, his net-art project


Bill Horvitz in Concert

A concert of solo guitar. Audio Recording duration: 01:35:47 Digitized audio of this concert is available through the Western Front Archives upon research request.


Text, Bombs & Videotape

Originally initiated by DAX in Pittsburgh as Journeys into the Zone, this was a network event to protest the American intervention in Iraq. It also marked


Drawing the Line

One hundred black and white photographs of lesbian sexuality. The viewer is asked to comment on the images and draw the line where they put


The Lab Lounge

Stereo 8 (march21) erases the mystique surrounding contemporary dj’s and the passivity, expectation and desires of the audience. As stereo 8 mixed at the turntables,