Autumn Knight

Free, livestream. Autumn Knight makes performances that continually exist in relation: between artist and audience, individual and collective, private and public. Drawing from histories in


Closed for Holidays

Western Front is currently closed for holidays. We’ll be back in the office on January 4, 2021 and our programmes will resume on January 13,


Toque Craft Fair

Toque is live! Go to Toque Craft Fair is virtual! Due to COVID-19, Western Front’s largest annual community event and fundraiser is a vibrant online


COVID-19 Gallery Protocols

To ensure a safe and healthy gallery experience Western Front has implemented a few guidelines: * If you are feeling unwell or have symptoms of


Tiffany Ayalik

Tiffany Ayalik melds storytelling and theatre with layered song loops and vocal improvisation,  creating music and performances that are mesmerizing, powerful and at times, playful.


Ian William Craig

Ian William Craig’s work involves pushing vintage reel-to-reel tape decks to their physical limits, often through modification or manipulation. The tape that runs through them