1989 du Maurier International Jazz Festival

Produced by the Coastal Jazz and Blues Society.

Takashi Kako (Japan) 06/24/89
Solo piano.

Audio Recording duration: 01:25:24

Richard Underhill, Tom Walsh (Canada) 06/26/89

Audio Recording duration: 01:22:14

Wolter Wierbos, Paul van Kemenade, Jan Kuiper (Netherlands) 06/28/89  Podium Trio

Lisle Ellis and Paul Plimley (Canada) 06/29/89
Bass and piano duo.

Audio Recording duration: 01:06:15

Anthony Braxton, Marilyn Crispell (USA) 06/30/89

Audio Recording duration: 00:46:31

Cymbali (Canada) 12/09/89
Michael O’Neill, Ann Hepper, Lorraine Thompson, Andreas Kahre and Ken Newby.

Digitized audio of these concerts, with the exception of Podium Trio and the concert by Cymbali, is available through the Western Front Archives upon research request.