1990 du Maurier International Jazz Festival

Co-sponsored with the Coastal Jazz and Blues Society, this year’s festival contained the mini-series, Dial J for Japan, which featured contemporary Japanese musicians.

Junko Ueda, Wil Offermans (Japan/Netherlands) 04/27/90
Biwa, voice and flute.

Audio Recording duration: 01:59:42

Shuichi Chino (Japan) 06/22/90
Solo synthesizer.

Gerry Hemingway Quintet (USA/Canada) 06/23/90

Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins (Japan/USA) 06/24/90
Drums, electronics and home made harp.

David Friesen, Uwe Kropinski (USA/East Germany) 06/25/90

Yannick Rieu Trio (Quebec) 06/26/90

Audio Recording duration: 01:26:24

Alex Schlippenbach Trio (Germany) 06/28/90
Alex Schlippenbach, piano; Evan Parker, saxophone; Paul Loven, drums.

Audio Recording duration: 01:24:05

Carl Stone, Yuji Takahashi (USA/Japan) 06/29/90
Concert by Carl Stone and Yuji Takahashi, both playing computer-controlled synthesizers. Programme: Gadberry’s (Stone); Josephine (After Kafka) (Takahashi); Mom’s (Stone); Iki To Ishi (Breath and Stone) (Takahashi); Jakuzure (Stone, Takahashi)

Digitized audio of concerts by Junko Ueda & Wil Offermans, the Yannick Rieu Trio, the Alex Schlippenbach Trio and Carl Stone & Yuji Takahashi are available through the Western Front Archives upon research request.