1991 du Maurier International Jazz Festival

Co-sponsored with the Coastal Jazz and Blues Society.

Yas-Kaz, Yasuhisa Shirao, Yoshinobu Honma (Japan) 06/21/91

Audio Recording duration: 01:32:14

Georg Gräwe, Ernst Reijserger, Gerry Hemingway (Germany/Holland/USA) 06/22/91

Oleksander Nestorov, Petro Tovstukha (Ukraine) 06/23/91
Setlist: 1. Claustrophobia (A. Nestorov-P. Tovstukha); 2. Alea and Association (A. Nestorov-P. Tovstukha); 3. Reminiscent Painting Francis Bacon (A. Nestorov); 4. Industrial Aesthetics (A. Nestorov)

Audio Recording duration: 01:12:30

Roland Dahinden, Christian Muthspiel (Austria/Switzerland) 06/24/91
Trombone duo.

Audio Recording duration: 01:11:26

Amy Denio, Don Ritter (USA/Canada) 06/25/91
Seattle multi-instrumentalist Denio plugged into Montrealer Don Ritter’s interactive computer.

Audio Recording duration: 00:58:40

Urs Leimgruber, Fritz Hauser (Switzerland) 06/26/91

Shelley Hirsch, David Weinstein (USA) 06/27/91
Extended voice and electronics.

Power Muzak (1986) for voice and tape; Bons Bons (1991) a series of improvised miniatures; Haiku Lingo (1988) a travelogue placing eccentric characters in exotic locales based on the writings of Anne Frank and the character of Blanche Dubois; #39 (1991) for voice, live processing, and keyboards. Text by Angela Carter from her book The Infernal Desire Machines of Dr. Hoffman and used with permission.; Songs (1986-91)

Audio Recording duration: 01:08:55

Gregg Bendian, Paul Plimley, Lisle Ellis (USA/Canada) 06/28/91
Gregg Bendian, drums; Paul Plimley, piano; Lisle Ellis, bass.

Audio Recording duration: 01:23:14

Digitized audio of all concerts except the one featuring Georg Gräwe, Ernst Reijserger and Gerry Hemingway are available through the Western Front Archives upon research request.