1992 du Maurier International Jazz Festival

Co-sponsored by the Coastal Jazz and Blues Society.

Elizabeth Fischer (Canada) 06/19/92
Fischer sings her own compositions with Mark Douglas, piano; Peggy Lee, cello; Rick Kilburn, bass; Jack Duncan, percussion; Buff Allen, drums.

Myra Melford Trio (USA) 06/20/92
Melford, piano; Lindsey Horner, bass; Reggie Nicholson, drums.

Bill Smith Ensemble (Canada/USA) 06/21/92
Bill Smith, alto saxophone, with David Lee, bass; David Prentice, violin; special guest Vinny Golia, multi-instrumentalist.

Audio Recording duration 01:16:12

Digitized audio of this concert is available through the Western Front Archives upon research request.

Terry Crane, Ian McIntosh, Andreas Kahre, Karen Oliver (Canada) Attitudinal Rapture Unlimited 06/22/92
A multi-media opera exploring the inexorable law of entropy as an organic interpersonal experience. Terry Crane, performance; Ian McIntosh, tuba and didjeridoo; Andreas Kahre, percussion; Karen Oliver, violin.

Maggie Nicols, Irène Schweitzer (England/Switzerland) 06/23/92
Voice and piano.

Alfred 23 Harth, Heinz Sauer (Germany) 06/24/92
Saxophone duo.

Shweta Jhaveri Trio (India) 06/25/92
Voice with harmonium and tabla. ’…one of the foremost exponents of classical Hindustani vocal music.’

Katrina Krimsky Trio (Switzerland/India/USA) 06/26/92
Katrina Krimsky, piano; Krishna Bhatt, sitar and tabla; Lisa Hansen, flute. Compositions by Katrina Krimsky.