1994 du Maurier International Jazz Festival

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. V, no. 5, pp. 12-14, Spring/Summer 1994:

– Michael Century 06/24/94

Pianist-composer Michael Century has an eclectic background in classical, contemporary, and improvised music. His recent work blends 20th century influences from Schoenberg, Berg, Cage, and Schafer with various improvising traditions. His performances incorporate sampled text sounds, computer-controlled piano, and solo piano pieces.

– MYTHA 06/25/94

Hat Art recording artists MYTHA is a contemporary Alphorn orchestra with richly layered overtones of new and archaic sounds, interweaving an ancient Alpine tradition with contemporary jazz. Jurgen Gothe names their CD is one of his top five 1993. Frontman Hans Kennel has recorded with Steve Lacy. Caros Baumann, Stephan Schlegel, and Marcel Huonder have mastered the alphorn and the büchel, archetypes from the heart of Switzerland. With accordionist and vocalist Christine Lautenberg.

– Marilyn Lerner & Kieran Overs 06/26/94

Winnipeg pianist Marilyn Lerner writes intricate, delightful compositions. She’s worked with Jane Bunnett, Claude Ranger, Larry Roy, Peter Erskine, Lori Freedman, and Tito Puente. Her death harmonic sensibility is complemented by bassist Kieran Overs’ strong rhythmic lines. Overs has been a mainstay of the Toronto jazz scene for the past 20 years, playing with Chet Baker, Sonny Stitt, and Moe Koffman.

– Goldberg/Baars/Moore 06/27/94

A summit of three of the finest clarinetists/saxophonists in contemporary music. San Francisco’s Ben Goldberg also appears in this festival as co-leader of the Goldberg/Varner Quartet. Ab Baars will perform in the Baars/Heberer Quartet and American Michael Moore is a member of the incredible Clusone Trio.

– News From The Shed 06/28/94

Formed in 1986, News From The Shed is one of the most important international improvising ensembles. With members from the UK, Austria, and Germany, their collective approach results in a microscopic abstract expressionism that one critic described as “a Jackson Pollock painted on the head of the pin.” John Butcher sax, Radu Malfatti trombone, Phil Durrant violin/electronics, John Russell guitar, and Paul Lovens percussion. Thanks to the British Council and the Goethe Institute.

– David Lopato, Mark Dresser & Gerry Hemingway 06/29/94

New York-based composer/pianist David Lopato’s Music reflects the jazz tradition, from be-bop and stride piano free improv and minimalism. Is wide-ranging musical interests have resulted in collaborations with Mark Helias, Steve Reich, Jane Ira Bloom, and Ray Anderson. With drummer Gerry Hemingway and bassist Mark Dresser – this trio defies stylistic categories, tearing down walls and building open, yet intimate, musical spaces.

– McPhee, Plimley, Ellis 06/30/94

American improvising saxophonist Joe McPhee is a master of modern Jazz expression, drawing on ethnic and free jazz influences. A long-time Hat Art Recording artist, McPhee is an under-appreciated treasure. Pianist Plimley is a Vancouver musical GEN with an international reputation. Based in San Francisco, bassist Lisle Ellis has a near miraculous connection with his instrument and a compelling intensity. This summer the Tree-O tours Canada and Europe and records for Hat Art. McPhee and Ellis also appear at the Glass Slipper with Vancouver percussionist Roger Baird.

– Bob Ostertag Solo 07/01/94

San Francisco based Bob Ostertag has been at the forefront of computer sampling since the late 70s. Performing throughout the US, Europe, and the former Soviet Union, he’s worked with Anthony Braxton’s Creative Music Orchestra, John Zorn, Fred Frith, and the Kronos Quartet.