A Decade of Video Production 1980-1990

A Decade of Video Production 1980-1990 was a travelling video retrospective organized by A Space Gallery in Toronto; it included ten years of footage by Québécois videomakers whose work had received little exposure outside of Quebec.

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VI, no. 3, p. 10, January/February 1995:

“These works propose extreme redefinement in what we might consider the deviant or the outsider and the lyricism or poetics of the stories bear witness to this.

At the same time, these video projects exist in a highly venerable place, one which is delineated and marked by the collapse of fact and fiction, the documentary and the drama in the conventional sense…At specific times the tapes enter the realm of phenomenal transparency of fact and fiction, conflating and confusing the line which separates the documentary from the scripted drama.”

–from Brendan Cotter’s forward to the catalogue

The works include situations in which a soldier falls in love with another soldier during war games in Northern Ontario, the private life of a professional sword swallower at the end of his career, the life story of a woman who was abducted by members of the Yanomami, and a reception on a stormy night when ten ex-cons tell riveting stories about life in prison. The videos range in length from 30 to 90 minutes, so plan on spending some time when you visit Front Gallery for this exhibition.

This exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue with essays by Peggy Gale, Dan Walworth and Jean Tourangeau.