A New Human Relationship

Lecture: Friday, February 4, 8 pm

Workshop: Saturday, February 5, 2 pm

Performance: Saturday, February 12, 9 pm

Artist in Residence, February 1 – 14, 1994

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. V, no. 3, p. 10, January/February 1994:

Tetsuo Kogawa is a Japanese philosopher and performance artist who has a wide following in Japan for his books on street culture, new technologies and alternative media. A proponent of low-power independent ratio, he came to the Banff Centre and the Western Front two years ago to demonstrate how to build a 1-watt FM transmitter.

His introductory lecture, on Friday, February 5, will focus on the democratization of the airwaves and the use of interactive telemedia to establish a new human relationship. A do-it-yourself kit of interactive multimedia will be unveiled. Interested participants may return the following day for a more in-depth discussion of antennas, transmitters, interactive style and legal issues.

Join us on Saturday, February 11 for an evening of performance, video and sound as the workshop draws to a close. We will establish a live telematic connection between the Western Front and the Video Inn. Audience/viewer participation will provide a key element in this deconstruction of television.