A Tale of Love

A special production. Socrates is hit by the arrow of Eros and he changes from a shadow into the “Boy bitten by a Lizard” after the painting of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. Feeling to be bitten by more than a viper’s tooth, he seeks advise from Diotima, the wise woman. She gives him the consciousness of the powers of Eros, his nature and his function. Socrates learns that Eros is one of the links between the sensible and the eternal world, the original spiritual potency of man. Diotima appears alternately in the studio in front of her electronically visualized “carpet of speech” and like a ghost in the trees, rivers and rocks. A Tale of Love is based upon the theory which Plato puts into the mouth of Socrates received from Diotima in The Symposium. - Astrid Heibach