Anita Perry in Concert

Composer/performer Perry presented solo piano and vocal ensembles featuring Charlotte Kennedy (alto), Tom Dukowski (tenor) and Howard Meadows (tenor).

All compositions by Anita Perry; text by Anita Perry, William Blake, Sharon Wehner, and W.A. Perry.

Three Songs for Three Voices and Clarinet: I. Life, II. Death, III. Love (1985)
Serenade (1984)
Three Blake Songs: I. Nurse’s Song, II. A Poison Tree, III. Song (1986)
Six Duets for Alto Tenor and Piano: I. The Seagull, II. Have You Ever, III. Walk Here, IV. The Author Thinks I Am His Feather, V. Geography, VI. Golden Leaves (1987)
Three Dances for Piano: Blues — Rag — Coda (Can-Can) (1985)
The Silly Old Sun (1986)
Four Songs for Alto: I. An Unlove Song, II. Summer Blues, III. A Grown-up Nursery Rhyme, IV. I’m in Love … (1983)

Audio Recording duration: 01:12:46

Digitized audio of this concert is available through the Western Front Archives upon research request.