Ant Farm: Residency

Chip Lord and Megan Williams from San Francisco. Artists from the US west coast, particularly California, helped establish a certain west coast sensibility – a shared context and outlook with artists from the Western Front and other artists from Vancouver. There were many meetings, collaborations and visits back and forth. Some of the west coast artists, writers and musicians from the US that were active on this network were: Doug Hall, Dana Atchley, Lowell Darling, Susan Subtle, Willy Walker, Bill Gaglione, Dwain Valentine, Clayton Bailey, Tony Gnazzo, John Baldessari, Irene Dogmatic, Annie Hallett, Mary Ashley, Nick Bertoni, Bill Farley, Les Petits Bonbons, Alden Jenks, John Adams, David Behrman, Jack Eyerley, Doug Hollis, Buster Simpson, Pauline Oliveros, Andy Keating, Anne Focke.