Antonia Hirsch Talking About Elements—Celestial, Material, Ideal— Magically Ordering Chaos Into Constellations

@ 7:00pm

Scrivener’s Monthly presents an evening with Antonia Hirsch during which she will mobilize some of the ideas and images that emerged in the making of her new book Negative Space: Orbiting Inner and Outer Experience. Breaking from the book’s dialogic format, Hirsch will go solo to hone in on a question: what is the relevance of artwork at the intersection of two darknesses—on the inside and the outside of one’s skull?

Antonia Hirsch is a Berlin-based artist, writer, and editor whose work has been exhibited and published internationally. She is the editor of Intangible Economies (Fillip, 2012). Her exhibition Boxing Shadows opens at Republic Gallery in Vancouver on May 13 and runs to June 25, 2016.

Co-presented with SFU Galleries.

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