Artist in Residence

Jeux is a complete environment including sculptural interfaces image and sound. A space devoted to experiment with the human movement. Jeux as it’s title says is an exploratory space using playfulness as a support for content, playfulness being on my point of view a privileged tool for discovery that adult normally reserves to intimacy Therefore Jeux is concerned as my previous works by the links of the body to it’s envelop, it’s functions and to it’s organic and physical rhythm. It proposes props and situations that induce visual daydream.

I have carried out for several years already interactive sculptures, articulated and sensual mechanical prostheses, used as interfaces to generate other visual movements. These installations were often shown live within the framework of performances In Montreal (Dare-Dare; MAI; Centre Est-Nord-Est) and Paris (Via festival). A preliminary version of Jeux was presented at the Vasistas festival (theatre la chapelle) in february entering Lauren Degilio as a danser This year I have also extended my concerns to truly wearable that is interactive clothing in the context of a design certificate directed by Joanna Berzowska I made a wearable prototype that is shown in may at the Digifest in Toronto

I want to set up a sensitive play space whose visitors can modify the visual environment by their movement and gesture, and through interaction with objects. The audience will use installed sculptures like scenic devices the. Some wearable focus the senses on a precise content, other fix devices call upon movements to activate them. They all evoke the organism and it’s functions. Playing with the sculptures will start and control a video/sound environment made from nature images and large plans.