Songs of Place

Steve Heimbecker is an interdisciplinary artist and performer specializing in audio art, electro-acoustics, installation, and sculpture. He studied fine art at the Alberta College of Art in the late 1970′s. Since the late1980′s Heimbecker has received numerous national and provincial arts grant awards and artist residencies for his sound compositions and installations, and has exhibited and performed throughout Canada and parts of Europe.

Heimbecker has also created very whimsical dadaist sound installations and sculptures such as The Kakaphonia (1998), Van Gogh’s Inner Ear (1998), The Forum for theAlienation of Art (1995), The Acoustic Field Intensifier (1994), Home Security (1993), Coffee Grinder (1992), and Mono Otto: Absolutely Nothing (1988).

In the fall of 1999, a double CD anthology of Heimbecker’s multi-channel sound works since 1992 called “The Enormouslessness of Cloud Machines” was internationally released through Avatar /Ohm Editions in Quebec City, distributed on DAME, Montreal.. This CD has received favourable airplay on campus and community radio stations world wide and has been featured by CBC Radio 2 and SRC in Canada.

“The concept of the series Songs of Place is to capture an audio portrait of a selected city or country side, by using multiple quadraphonic (4 channel surround sound) recordings which I call Acoustic Mapping Process. These recordings are layered and edited together with another system of mine called Dynamic Voltage Mapping. With DVM, I can use the dynamics of a unique sound source as an editing template to create a strobe like editing affect on each of the 4 channels (directions) of the AMP recordings. By timing the DVM edits, the strobe affect is designed to open and close windows (represented by the speakers of the surround sound system) which open into each (direction) of the AMP recording sites. The result is a composition that allows the listener to be in all AMP sites simultaneously.” (excerpt from the Songs of Place project description by Steve Heimbecker, 2001)