Artists in Residence

WITZ FM is Italian artists Francesca Mizzoni and Roberto Paci Dalo’s contribution to Reverie: The Noise City and to Art’s Birthday.

WITZ FM will begin in Italy during December 2004. An on-line page will be created and the main goal is the creation of a download area with a data base of original audio files mainly collected through field recordings in Italy and abroad.

Through a one-month residency at the Western Front (January 2005) Mizzoni and Paci Dalo; will collect sounds and images in specific locations in town together with materials from liminal areas where city meets nature. At the borderline between inside/outside. A mapping action of the urban space. The invisible architecture (the sound) overimposed on the “real” visible one. The public space and the city created through levels of memory. The city of glass where appear the different layers of sounds, images, people, languages.

This data base will produce a series of on-line / on-site / on-air contributions to the project during the period January 14–17, 2005. Contributions will involve audio/video performances, a multi-channel sound environment, streamings and – if possible – some micro FM broadcastings from the Western Front building.

WITZ FM intends to develop as more as possible collaborative proceeds with the other participant artists both in Vancouver and from remote locations.

A following step of the project will be a trip through the forest north of Vancouver. Collecting sounds, involving GPS devices, and shooting a super 8 film. Some of these materials will be also part of the website and at the same time originative materials for live performances wich will be presented from February 2005 on.

*City of Glass by Paul Auster – and especially the graphic novel by David Mazzucchelli and Paul Karasik after the original text – is used as one of the references of the project.