Artists in Residence

Artists-in-residence situ, part II. An Internet production project curated by Elizabeth Fischer.

The artists will develop new web-works around the theme of loci and dialogue as expressed through the concepts of diary and autobiography. Issues of physical, emotional, and virtual loci will be examined. They works will endeavour to cross boundaries of discipline (i.e. writing, image, sound, software), language, personal experience, and experience with the medium itself (the Internet and the web). These works will be developed on-line as diaries and works in progress from April – August 2002.

Maija Graham – Map Making

Map Making is a collection of short narrative sketches which parallel, intersect, and collide with one another, sometimes braiding together to become a larger narrative, sometimes diverging to become finite episodes which have nothing but cartography to bind them with the rest. They are random mind shots from the window of a moving vehicle: encounters, departures, abandonments, characters briefly met, landscapes glimpsed, jumbled details of a bigger territory encoded and reduced to symbols on a map.

Some shots are autobiographical, all of them are fictional. The voices in them echo calls that I have heard, not all of which were intended for me, though I happened to be around to hear them. I’m interested in exploring who owns the calling voice, as much as what the owner is called, so meddling with proper nouns is bound to be part of the trip. I can never remember people’s names anyway.