Artists in Residence

Guest curator Elizabeth Fischer will work with a group of artists to build new web-works around the theme of loci and dialogue as expressed through the concepts of diary and autobiography. Elizabeth Fischer is an inter-disciplinary new media artist who for the last ten years has been most active in digital technologies and Internet specific, multi media art. As well as contributing her work to Internet art projects around the world, she is the curator, editor and designer of NWHQ (New World Headquarters), the first Canadian web site to focus specifically on the creation of multimedia, hypertextual environments.

This project will take place in two parts – this initial residency in the Fall of 2001 and a subsequent group residency in the Spring of 2002. The combined works will examine issues of physical, emotional, and virtual loci. They will endeavour to cross boundaries of discipline (i.e. writing, image, sound, software), language, personal experience, and experience with the medium itself (the Internet and the web).

For the residency, the artists will develop the framework and initial content for the three works. The final pieces, including ongoing writing and evolving components, will be presented in January/February of 2002 on the Western Front’s new audio and web-poetic site (to be announced in the next issue of FRONT).

Elizabeth Fischer will develop her work Orphans and Dogs – an e-mail and pictorial chronicle of her ongoing social activism on behalf of Hungarian Gypsies in Romania, interspersed with autobiographically informed textual elements of her history as a Hungarian refugee in Canada.Once integrated into the visually rich interface, the work is scripted in such a fashion that the individual elements interface into a fragmented chronicle, the chronicle of displacement.

Lora McElhinney will produce Real-to-Real. Over a period of two months, the artist will undertake walks in several Vancouver neighbourhoods. These walks will be described in a series of autobiographical pieces. An interface will be created on the web site into which these pieces will be uploaded sequentially, every week for the duration of the proposed timeline. These pieces, date stamped and time stamped, will form the elements which will then automatically be incorporated into the visually and technologically enhanced interface. The interface will be made searchable by date, time, keywords and visual icons so that the viewer will in turn be able create their own experience.

Lora McElhinney is a Vancouver spoken word artist who has performed widely in galleries, cafes, correctional facilities and for psychiatric patients. Her work comprises biography, fiction and poetry. This project will be her first foray into a digital environment.

Tim McLaughlin will produce Stain – a collaboration with three elements: earth, air, and water. Initial texts will be prepared on a number of surfaces: copper, paper, canvas, wood. These will then be positioned in the elements for a fixed amount of time. The works will be suspended from the canopy of the forest, chained to the sea, interned in the earth. The works will be removed from their environments at specific intervals and digitized. The final electronic work will consist of these images presented with related materials and texts.

Tim Mclaughlin is active in Internet mediated art. His work has been featured in SIGWEB, the Fifth Annual Digital Salon (School of Visual Art, NYC) and CIAC Electronic Art Magazine, among others. Tim Mclaughlin is also a contributor to NWHQ.