Averages is on the Street!

Computed over time, excising the extremes, we’re left with it: the neither bad, nor brilliant. Composed of instances mapped onto a notion that describes little but itself, it nonetheless reassures, provided one does not count as mismatched. But can its centre hold? Or is it just process engineering malapplied to the human domain in order to keep the trains running on time? We foreground ought but the middling.

Artists Projects

The Empty Centre by Brady Marks and Serena Kataoka

A Better Version by Rebecca Lee Cuttler

To Ground Zero by Jeremy Todd

Nothing Special by Elizabeth Hand

Dreaming of Sharks by Craig Caudhill

Average Expectations by Steve Pentimento

Anna and the Rain by Zdravka Evtimova

The Law of Averages by Michael Boyce

Average by Byron Barrett

8 Eights from the “First Remainder Series”