Bald, Doubleditch, Poking Grey Matter

Solo performance with elaborate costumes and choreography.

From Front Magazine November/December 1989 P.4:

Jill Rosenberg: BALD
Friday, November 3, 1989 9pm $5

The Western Front is proud to present BALD, a full evening of Toronto performance artist Jill Rosenberg’s most recent works in on-night only presentation.

The evening will consists of two works, DOUBLEDUTCH and POKING GREY MATTER, which are both examples of Rosenberg’s unique convergence of dance, theatre, and visual art.

DOUBLEDUTCH is a solo performance which tells the tale of tormented Siamese Twins, whose clash of personalities drives one brother to the attempted murder of the other! The magical illusion and physical expertise. DOUBLEDUTCH played to critical acclaim Toronto, Banff, Calgary, and Vancouver in the Spring of 1989.

The second work on the programme, POKING GREY MATTER, will be premiered at the Western Front. POKING GREY MATTER explores the use of 19th century scientific experiments conducted on the human brain and head to determine inferior and superior races. Rosenberg’s incorporation of film, magnifying lenses, a brain, overhead projectors and raw vegetables is sure to amuse and horrify the audience who should be prepared for numerous surprises! BALD will be an evening of challenging and new theatre!

Digitized video available through Western Front Archives upon research request.