Bird on a Wire

@ 8:00pm

admission: $12 door / $10 advance / $8 WF Members/Students

Stand Alone I

Bird on a Wire

Walk the tightrope of new technology in music with electroacoustic composer/recorder player Terri Hron. She brings her innovative brand of computer-assisted, interactive improvisation to new works by Jim Altieri, Ronald Boersen, Juan Parra Cancino, Peter Hannan, Theo Mathien, Laurie Radford, and Peter Swendsen.

The evening also hosts cameo appearances by Vancouver-based soloists Dave Chokroun, on double bass, and Rachael Wadham, performing on “prepared piano” with feather dusters and other unusual objects.

Hron has been active both in America and Europe as a composer and performer, and is a leading member of the Rara Avis and Forbidden Fruit ensembles. Chokroun is a composer, improviser, and bassist for various ensembles such as Monk’s Dream Trio. Wadham is a sound artist and composer-performer, and a core member of Her Jazz Noise Collective, and The Aquatic Uncle.