Cabaret Vulgare 1994

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. V, no. 4, p. 6, March/April 1994:

Surely you remember last year?!

Western Front proudly presents the world-cup down-to-hell championships.

Bi and Tri aesthetes will compete for your attention.

Expect vague suggestions, violent insinuations and inappropriate miscalculations.

Enjoy poor behaviour with rich results.

Explore your insensitivity in a safe, supportive, Cabaret environment.

Helpless? Hapless? Vaguely dissatisfied? Out of control and out of money, envious, greedy, unpopular, losing your hair, not sure what language poetry and performance art have to offer you, scared of large groups, surprised by your own loud or lewd behaviour, not sure where you stand on issues such as testing hairspray on hairdressers, tattoos for children, arts by elephants, men having babies, men being babies, women changing men’s dirty diapers on prime time tv…You’ll fit right in at Cabaret Vulgare!

If you’re lucky you will see some of these bright stars supernova: Cliff Redcrow, Phillip McCrum, Eric Metcalfe, Brice Canyon, Lexi Montgomery, Andrew Wilson, Stephen Anthony, Kate Hammet-Vaughan, Holy Body Tattoo, Judy Radul, Lisa Robertson, Paul Plimley, Coat Cooke, Peter Cummings, Hank Bull, …and oh so many more who haven’t called back yet…