Cabaret Vulgare 1995

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VI, no. 4, p. 9, March/April 1995:

 …Controlled Environment Fill: No Bluegrass…

…If you missed Marie Osmond in The Sound of Music

don’t miss this…

…The third annual Cabaret which looks for love

in all the wrong places…

…Not necessarily a bad thing just an…

indül’gence, n. Indulging (in. t. & I.): (also self~) habitual indulging of one’s desires; privilege granted; Declaration of I~, proclamation of religious liberties, esp. those of Charles II in in 1672 & of James II in 1087: (R, -C. Ch.) remission of punishment still due to sin after moramental absolution. (f. I. indulgentia (as prec., see -ENCE)

indülge’ (-j), v.t. & i. Gratify (person, one-self, in wish, matter, etc.); gratify (person with anything given); give free course to, entertain, (desire, etc.); (intr.) take one’s pleasure freely in (strong language, cycling, a cigar); (colloq.) partake (too freely) of intoxicants. Hence indül’gent a. indül’gently adv. (f. L indulgëre, -dull-, etym, dub.)

Rounding up the talent but this year is your to be a Winner, a Whiner and a Wiener (WWW).

Highlights will possibly include performances by the Trapped Family Singers, Yanna Dancer, Jay McLaughlin, Elizabeth Fischer, Carol Sawyer, Michelle Frey, Eric Metcalfe, Judy Radul, Ross Watkins, A Power-Lifting Demonstration by an unnamed cultural worker, Ron Samworth, Paul Plimley and the Band, lots of people you wouldn’t mind seeing but would never invite over to your house and the entire cast from the movie musical Oliver!

Clips from the video archive round out the roundness and impromptu appearances by How The Mighty Are Fallen square the corners. Homeopathic communications with extra-territorials shouldn’t be ruled out.

Sets by Colin Griffiths and Eric Metcalfe.

Come early and don’t be disappointed.