Casey Wei: Kingsgate Happenings

Western Front Artist in Residence Casey Wei, has programmed a month of events at nearby Kingsgate Mall throughout June. Wei will be participating in and documenting the Kingsgate Mall Happenings, footage from which will be made into a film about the Vancouver art and music scene, and the community of Mt. Pleasant. Kingsgate Mall Happenings is part of an ongoing conversation between Western Front, local artists and the Kingsgate Mall.

Casey Wei (b. 1985 Shanghai) is a Vancouver based artist and musician. She graduated from SFU’s MFA program in 2012 and has made two films: Murky Colors (2012), and Vater und Sohn/Father and Son/父与子 (2014). Her films collage together self-shot and appropriated footage to explore themes of family, memory and history.

Calendar of Events:

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June 2-7th

2 Mon: Town Hall at the Mall, 12pm & 5pm

3 Tues: Cobra’s Corner

4 Wed: TBA

5 Thurs: Kingsgate Waste Open Mic, 6pm

6 Fri: Kingsgate Waste: Cut Losses/ Zoo/ January 12th, 6pm-9pm

7 Sat: Kingsgsate Waste: Kele-Kenji / Only Wolf/ Strawberry, 3pm-6pm


June 9-14

9 Mon: Town Hall at the Mall, 12pm & 5pm

10 Tues: Cobra’s Corner

11Wed: Mall Stand Up, 12-6pm

12 Thurs: Mallzak: Ok Vancouver Ok/ SLUGS/ M. Lund, 6pm-9pm

13 Fri: Mallzak: Late Spring/Holy Hum/TBA, 6pm-9pm

14 Sat: Art Flea, 12pm-6pm


June 16-21

16 Mon: Town Hall at the Mall, 12pm & 5pm

17 Tues: Cobra’s Corner

18 Wed: Stack of Moves, 7pm-9pm

19 Thurs: Mallzak: V.Vecker Ensemble/ Suzuki Jacuzzi/ Drogue/ Darren Williams, 5pm-9pm

20 Fri: Mallzak: Pete & Pete/ SP Davis/ Tasteproof, 6pm-9pm

21 Sat: Art Flea, 12pm-6pm


June 23-28

23 Mon: Town Hall at the Mall, 12pm & 5pm

24 Tues: Cobra’s Corner

25 Wed: Readings hosted by Michael Turner, 7pm-9pm

26 Thurs: Mallzak: Young Braised/ Stefana Fratila/ Blond Kiss, 6pm-9pm

27 Fri: Weekend Leisure Karaoke, 5pm-9pm

28 Sat: Art Flea, 12pm-6pm