Computer Graphics

In 1985, the Western Front took delivery of its first graphics computer, a Kaypro 286 with a Cubicomp Picturemaker 1.5, (a 3D animation system), and TimeArts Lumina paint system. Glenn Lewis, after much research and consultation with Elizabeth Vander Zaag, Bob Richardson and others, decided that the first priority would not be to use a computer for the office or use it to add digital special effects to the existing video facility, but to begin an investigation of this entirely new medium Рdigital imaging.

Ken Mimura (Canada) 04/14/85

Showed the most recent results of a twenty year project, Chromophore. These are graphics created on a VAX 11/780 computer.

Bob Richardson (Canada), Computer Graphics Survey 12/09/85 to 12/12/85

A series of lectures with slides and video on the current state of the art and some of the mathematical principles underlying computer graphics.