“COSMOSQUAW” is a programmed performance as part of the 5-day festival called “Re-Inventing the Diva” co-produced by exhibitions and media art at Western Front and curated by Lori Weidenhammer, Eric Metcalfe, Antonia Hirsch, and Peter Courtemanche.

Excerpt from Front Magazine, Sept/Oct 1998  Vol. IX, No. 6, P.9:

As the lesbian magazine Diva offers us an alternative to Cosmo, so does Lori Blondeau’s magazine COSMOSQUAW. Blondeau and her collaborator Bradless Larocque have created a magazine that asks us: how cosmopolitan is Cosmo? They do this by satirizing its rhetoric and reminiding us of the women left out of the magazine. These artists take pleasure in subverting mainstream perceptions of femininity, beauty, and sexual etiquette.

Excerpt from Re-Inventing the Diva festival pamphlet:

First nations sensation, Lori Blondeau brings us her ongoing piece COSMOSQUAW, developed in collaboration with Bradless Laroque. In a landscape of light boxes she irreverently plays with our ideals of women by performing herself into the picture. Don’t miss this National Treasure!

Digitized video available through Western Front Archives upon research request.