Dalibor Martinis Talks to Dalibor Martinis

Artist-in-residence. Special production. The tape is the first part of a 22 year long interview project. It is about all the differences / similarities between Dalibor Martinis on that particular evening of October 27, 1978 and Dalibor Martinis of the year 2000. Sanja Ivekovic and Dalibor Martinis came from Zagreb via New York to take up a two month residency at Pumps, co-sponsored by the Video Inn and the Western Front. The project was important for several reasons. It brought the sponsoring organizations together, established links that have continued to date (several Vancouver Artists have since returned the visit to Zagreb), and the unique sensibility of the artists – simple in style but raising a number of questions about surveillance, mass media and the nature of the electronic image – left its mark.

Digitized video of “Dalibor Martinis Talks to Dalibor Martinis” available through Western Front Archives upon research request.