Daphne Marlatt reading from Liquidities

@ 8:00pm

Scrivener’s Monthly is pleased to present Daphne Marlatt reading from her new book of poems Liquidities: Vancouver Poems Then and Now. This publication gathers many of the poems from Daphne Marlatt’s 1972 Vancouver Poems, somewhat revised or in some cases substantially revised, and follows them with “Liquidities,” a series of recent poems about Vancouver’s incessant deconstruction and reconstruction, its quick transformations both on the ground and in urban imagining.

Specially commissioned artworks by Sean Alward, Raymond Boisjoly and Maegan Hill-Carroll will be presented during the event.

Daphne Marlatt was at the centre of the West Coast poetry movement of the 1960s, studying at UBC and with many of Donald Allen’s New American Poets, most notably Robert Creeley and Robert Duncan. Her writing includes prose narratives on the Strathcona neighbourhood of Vancouver and of Steveston and several poetry books. In early 2006, she was appointed to the Order of Canada in recognition of a lifetime of distinguished service to Canadian culture. She has been a regular presence at the Western Front since the 1970′s.

The events will be co-presented with Talonbooks.

Scrivener’s Monthly is a series of public presentations that explore the space between material practices and spoken words: a periodical that talks. Set alongside the exhibitions program at Western Front, this experiment in “not publishing” involves readings, performances, and other articulations.