Die Laughing: A Commedietta

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. V, no. 5, p. 8, Spring/Summer 1994:

This exhibition by D.I.R.T., entitled Commedietta, will be a video/installation/propaganda piece dealing with notions of documentary, surveillance, humour and queerness. It will include three separate yet incestuous (objects) in company with a sea of public propaganda in the form of balloons, bumper stickers, posters, buttons, shirts, etc. The (objects) are titled: Blinky, Fruit Basket (the birth of language) and Knots.

Formed in 1992, D.I.R.T. is a multi-disciplinary lesbian collective comprised of Kim Truchan, Dierdre Logue and Beth Gibson, and dedicated to upsetting the apple cart.