Dinner, Talk and Performance

Heidi Grundmann visited the Western Front in April, 2005 with the aim of creating an on-line (web) archive about the long, and continuing, Wiencouver project – a series of Telematic exchanges that have taken place between the Western Front and Vienna since 1979. Wiencouver has used the telephone, video-phone, fax machines, computer timesharing networks, Internet streaming and radio to connect artists at distant points in a variety of projects. As one of the first on-going projects of its kind, the history of Wiencouver provides an interesting background and context for future Telematic works.

The Wiencouver on-line archive will be launched along with the catalogue and audio CD from Reverie: noise city (http://reverie.aaeol.ca) a recent on-line audio-art project produced by the Western Front in collaboration with many participants from around the world.