Domingo Cisneros: Residency

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VIII, no. 2, p. 13, November/December 1996:

Domingo Cisneros is a Mexican Metis and a Cultural Warrior who believes that the Imagination in action is the strongest weapon in life and in creation. Concerned with the disappearance of traditions and the destruction of the environment, his art draws together the laws of nature, the power of ritual and the reality of death in seeking a renewed association between the human, the natural and the spirit worlds.

He studied fine arts, architecture and cinematography at Universities in Mexico and started an art movement known as “La Rabia” or “Rage”. He worked for a film company and wrote novels of existential alienation until becoming politicized, leading him to travel through Latin America, Europe and the South Pacific. He came to Canada in the early seventies and taught Native arts and communications at Manitou College in La Macaza of northern Quebec.

He works with natural materials such as bones and pelts from animals that he hunts or scavenges, driftwood and stone. He also makes use of human artifacts that have acquired the patina of time reflecting the hybrid nature of culture.

During his residency, Cisneros will be working on a video production. He hopes to meet and exchange ideas with members of our local arts community.