Ecology of Souls: CD Release Concert

The following text is taken from Front Magazine vol. IV, no. 5, p. 8, May/June 1993:

This performance marks the Canadian premiere of the revised score for Ecology of Souls. Newby, and his partner Lorraine Thomson, created this multi-media work out of their research into psychedelics, myth, archetypes, cosmology and alchemy as well as their experiences in the ritual worlds of Balinese and Javanese performing arts. The music brings together a computer-transformed samples from various sacred traditions, whispered texts, soundscapes, and instrumentation from South and South East Asia. Newby will be joined by percussionist Andreas Kahre. A video environment developed for the original production will provide the visual commentary.

Kenneth Newby is a founding member of the Gamelan Kyai Madu Sari  and the co-leader of the performance ensemble Cymbali. Recently he toured with Lights in a Fat City and Trance Mission, a new San Francisco based ethno-fusion group with the forthcoming CD, City of Tribes.

Tonight is Ken’s farewell performance in Vancouver because he and Lorraine are relocating to the bay area. Come see them off and celebrate the release of Ecology of Souls on Songlines, Vancouver’s jazz and new music label.