Edible Glasses

/ Opening @ 7:00pm


The title of this exhibition comes from a script by Ieva Miseviciute (LT) in which edible glasses are brought to life as part of a joke. The exhibition Edible Glasses also involves objects coming to life. In artworks by Feiko Beckers (NL), Tamara Henderson (CA) and Eun Kyung Kim (KR/CA) things become performers- actors rather than just props. Edible Glasses will close with a performance by Miseviciute, which will premiere in the Western Front’s Luxe Hall on the last day of the exhibition.

Exhibition Brochure and Catalogue Essay  (PDF Download)

**Cake will be served at the opening in honour of Art’s 1,000,050th Birthday!

Performance by Ieva Miseviciute on February 23rd at 8pm.

Workshop with Ieva Miseviciute on February 26th from 7pm to 10pm.