Electric Slam

Stuart Dempster, trombone, performed works which he commissioned as theatre pieces; Sequenza V by Luciano Berio and General Speech by Robert Erickson. David Mahler also presented two tape pieces, Speech with Interpreter and Singing in the Style of the Voice of the Poet.

Off the Wall for Trombone and Piano (1982), Stuart Dempster and David Mahler
Singing in the Voice of the Poet for Stereo Tape (1982), David Mahler
Sonata for Trombone and Piano (1971), Thomas Peterson
Sequenza V for Trombone Solo (1966), Luciano Berio
Speech with Interpreter for Voice with Instrument and Live Tape Performance (1981), David Mahler
Walt Disney for Piano, Trombone, Chorus of Whistlers, and Optional Toy Piano (1981), David Mahler
Harmonic Tremors for Solo or Mixed Instruments and Four Channel Tape (1982), Stuart Dempster
Moody Mood for Voice, Piano, and Optional Trombone Obligato (1977), David Mahler Song to be announced, David Mahler
General Speech for Solo Trombone (1969), Robert Erickson
Costume and lighting for Lenore Erik-Alt (commissioned by Stuart Dempster)
Starlight (Waltz Caprice) for Trombone and Piano (ca. 1910), Arthur Pryor

Audio Recording duration: 1:05:42

Digitized audio of this concert is available through the Western Front Archives upon research request.