Electronic Arts Workshop Series 1997

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VIII, no. 3, p. 6, January/February 1997:

EAWS 1 – Signals and Numbers Lecture – 01/14/97
Instructor: Spencer Cathey

Back by Popular Demand. Get a warm fuzzy feeling for the curious mathematical techniques that allow the computer to process sound and video. The lucid demonstrations during this informal, entertaining evening will soon become part of your most casual conversations!

EAWS 2 – Low Power Radio – 01/26/97
Instructor: Robert Kozinuk

Build your own Low Power Radio FM Transmitter. Robert covers the electronics, antenna and legal aspects of using the FM band for radio art. Registration includes the electronic parts needed for the transmitter.

EAWS 3 – Introduction to MAX Programming – 02/11/97
Instructor: Peter Courtemanche

MAX is object oriented programming software, used to create interactive music and artworks. Using a simple graphic interface, it provides an easy introduction to interactive programming. Learn the basics of programming MAX with an emphasis on presenting audio and video from a computer platform.

EAWS 5 - Frame Animation With Photoshop – 02/18/97
Instructor: Shawn Chappelle

Frame by frame animation “on the desktop” is examined using Photoshop for image manipulation and Premiere to assemble the animation.

EAWS 10 – Advanced Image Creation – 02/25/97
Instructor: Elizabeth Fischer

Artists are embracing digital technologies for computer enhanced visual imaging both for the production of electronic works as well as hard copy artprints. The purpose of this workshop is to demystify and facilitate the use of Photoshop and its applicable plug-in filters as it pertains to electronic visual media. Participants should have basic skills with computer image creation using Photoshop on a Macintosh platform.