Electronic Eve

The Electronic Eve juxtaposed photographic and video images to create a portrait of the Electronic Eve. Photographic panels depicted images of a segmented female body, set within these stills were television tubes which carried the video element of the work. The video element was a five-channel video installation showing a series of high-contrast close-ups on body parts. Text, often asking personal and sexual questions, is super imposed over some of the shots.

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VI, no. 5, p. 9, May/June 1995:

For her exhibition at Front Gallery Jenny Marketou will be reconfiguring Electronic Eve, originally shown as a site-specific, interactive piece at the Southeast Museum of Photography in Daytona Beach, Florida. The work juxtaposes photographic and video images to create a portrait of the Electronic Eve. Photographic panels depict images of the segmented female body, sets within these stills are television tubes which carried the video element of the work. The moving and the still collide. The segmented structure of the peace becomes a symbol of Marketou’s own identity and stands as a metaphor for a voyage that makes existence and dream coincide.

Marketou’s work has focused on the human body as a social construction. She explores issues of identity, gender, beauty, age and disease as well as the new frontiers of technology where the boundaries of the self, memory and identity has been manipulated and reconstructed by plastic surgery, genetic engineering, lasers, computers and surveillance.

Of her use of the gallery space Marketou says, “The viewer experiences the space by…physically navigating through the space as through a richly visual bookwork.”

Originally from Greece Marketou presently lives in New York City. She has taught at Cooper Union, The New School and lectured and Columbia University. She has shown at Southeast Museum of Photography Daytona Beach, Florida and The Henry Street Settlement Art Center in New York City.

Marketou is currently working on an ambitious project TransMystical Realities,  which uses a satellite connection to create a virtual arch of video transmission to connect the Negev desert in Israel and the Arizona desert in the USA. It is this project which will be the focus of her residency at Western Front.