Elizabeth Fischer in Concert

The following text is taken from Front Magazine vol. IV, no. 5, p. 8, May/June 1993:

Poet/painter/songwriter Elizabeth Fischer will be joined by Vancouver musicians Peggy Lee (cello), Martha Weiss (violin), Annie Moss (bass) and Paul Brennan (percussion) for an evening of gypsy-inspired music.

“I was born in Hungary, but I hate Hungarians…watch a Hungarian enter the room and watch me run for the door. But what is it about Hungarian literature that fascinates me so? And why oh why do I have a compulsion to sing weird Hungarian tunes in the bathtub? Therefore, when I am offered a free ticket to go to Hungary I think about it for maybe three seconds and then pack my bags…On a platform in front of the parliament buildings someone is making a speech…someone begins to sing, it is the Hungarian national anthem. In front of me a gypsy raises his arms above his head…everyone is singing…People are swaying with their arms around each other and many are weeping. They are weeping and the sky is weeping and the sad melody of this saddest of anthems resounds off the city walls of Budapest. I am Hungarian.” – The Goulash Chronicles