Elizabeth Fischer: Media Workshops

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VI, no. 4, p. 8, March/April 1995:

Home Page Creation on the World Wide Web
A hands on, two day workshop for the Artist

The object of this two-day intensive workshop is to give artists a practical grounding in HTML publishing, with the object of enabling individuals to create their own home-page. Much emphasis will be given to HTML tags and elements for text and graphics, appropriate file formats, directory structures, and the best applications for creating the same, in a Macintosh environment. For the duration of this workshop, a temporary directory will be created within the Western Front directory as an example of site interface design with links to the participants’ works. This will require some preparation of materials by the attendees from one session to the next.

Session One – Tues. March 14

Software applications for the creation of documents for the Web, analysis of existing Web document HTML tags, basic HTML and template design, basic graphic formatting, how to create a Web accessible directory on a server, analysis of directory structures and links.

Session Two - Thurs. March 16

Hands-on homepage creation – using the materials prepared by the participants, we will create a WWW site with links between the various individuals’ homepages. The ethical issues of WWW publishing will be discussed coupled with a critique of the works.