En Attendant la Pluie, Leurs Mains

A special production. En Attendant la Pluie (Waiting for the Rain): In voice-over, Alice Jeffrey recounts the history of the Flood in Gitksan (a Native language from British Columbia). The images run vertically on 4 stacked monitors: alternating between freeze-frame images and vertical panoramic views of Vancouver’s urban and forested areas. Rain is the point of departure of this exploration of vertical spaces: the West Coast being the site of deluvian and mythic rains. The home of giant trees and Native totems, the Pacific Coast is also the meeting place of dreams which bring together disparate things.

Leurs Mains (Their Hands): A fantasia on hand movements, unplanned gestures, attitudes and habits. In the absence of words, the movements become choreographies. A musical space calls to and supports the gestures like a form of punctuation or draws them into unforeseen fictions. A parrot appears, calm or curious, expectant or agitated among the different solo or duo performances and monologues or dialogues as they build and unravel.