Envisioner, East on the 401, Individual Release

A special production by artist in residence Tom Sherman.

Envisioner, A man (Sherman) speaks through a wall of works. He looks out through successive split-second breaks in this video wall of words to see the audience. He tells the audience he doesn’t believe they are all ‘one of a kind’ (individuals). From the other side of the screen, he acts as if he is in a privileged position in terms of his own identity.

East on the 401, A driver (Robin Collyer) passes everything in sight on the freeway East of Toronto. Other than the title and subtitle, You Can’t Watch Television and Drive a Car at the Same Time, this tape may be seen as being especially visual (without written or spoken words). This is not a straight document of a car ride, not shot in real-time. It is an edited visual narrative with a rich (clearly manipulated) soundtrack.

Individual Release, The man (Sherman) “gets his hands on the equipment”. He videotapes his own Individual Release. He brings a couple of other people into the picture. Another man about his age (Stephen Osborne) and a younger woman (Mary Ready). These two other people are exposed by the video recording process while Sherman tells the audience about them; “these two other people are fictional characters”.