Eve of the Future

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. V, no. 5, p. 15, Spring/Summer 1994:

Using unusual material as sound sources, Japanese composer Kazue Mizushima creates music you’ve never experienced before. “Eve of the Future” combines the concepts of visually stunning art installation with a radical sound performance that places a piano in a web of string spinning from sound cups all around the gallery walls. The giant instruments requires three performers and produces an incredible soundscape. A self-proclaimed sound explorer, Kazue Mizushima became involved experimental music while working with dance companies and visual artists in Tokyo. She received an M.A. in composition at University of California in 1991. Since then Kazue has created several provocative and avant-garde pieces that redefined the notions of music and at the same time restructure audience attitudes towards musical performance.

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Digitized audio and video of this concert is available through the Western Front Archives upon research request.