Fear of Lying

Monologue with an LED display board behind the performer providing a second text, plus an audio track.

Front Magazine Nov/Dec 1991 Vol.III No.2 P.17: FEAR OF LYING is a rambling walking tongue, a spill, a juncture and a clash between the I and the you. It arrives out of the necessity to speak. FEAR externalizes a logic that we know as an internal dialogue; you wish this gush of words didn’t make sense but then you understand why it does.

She in FEAR becomes a stand-in for the separation you feel from your body, your place, your self; and the loss you have experienced. She makes you laugh, as she speaks maybe you think it’s your voice inside of your head, speaking your thoughts, that is until she falls and then you know that it is not you she is describing.

Premiered at Artspace in Peterborough in October, FEAR OF LYING is a compelling, comic, theatrical monologue which runs for approximately one hour. The work relies on the strength of the delivery and the simple staging consists of an LED display board behind the performer providing a second text as a compliment to the spoken text, an audio track and a microphone.

Paulette Phillips has been writing, directing and performing for fifteen years. She recently produced UNDER THE INFLUENCE, a performance installation written for three performers, which premiered in Toronto in February, 1991. She has also produced in video, film, photography, and installation. Phillips teaches Art at the Ontario College of Art and lives in Toronto.