Feminist Land Art Retreat

Feminist Land Art Retreat (FLAR) will take up a post-production residency to complete a new video that uses strategies of equestrianism, science fiction and land art to subvert tropes established by the Western film genre, and propose alternative images of wilderness, freedom and solitude. This video will be presented in FLAR’s first Canadian solo exhibition at SFU Galleries’ Audain Gallery, from May 31 – August 4, 2018.

FLAR was initiated in 2010 with an advertisement. In subsequent years, FLAR has produced promotional material for public circulation such as posters, t-shirts, postcards, temporary tattoos, and more recently performances and exhibitions. Rather than re-performing the utopian construction of a retreat itself — a space away from the worries of modern life – Feminist Land Art Retreat, as a proposition, attempts to open potential within our immediate surroundings. Using conceptual strategies and humour to subvert familiar visual forms, their work addresses social and cultural paradigms that construct notions of femininity and nature.

Co-production with SFU Galleries.