The November/December issue of FRONT is on the street. it is also the first issue with our new associate publisher, Reanna Alder. The theme is FINDINGS: Is the found that which we acquire after having resolved what it is we’re looking for—or the stuff that comes flying over the transom while we’re busy holding out for something better? As Ludwig Wittgenstein’s famous postcard said: “ I was expecting to be surprised. There was no surprise. I was surprised.”


Photography And Crochet by Eden Veaudry

Artists Projects

Presence Of Absence, by Jayce Salloum
The Social Impresario, by Darren O’Donnell
You And I, by Alison MacTaggart


Ryan Thompson of Anteism


The Storybooks Have Been Unfair, by Carrie Walker
Findings, by Donato Mancini


Atmosphertic Inversions, by Kim Goldberg
Certain Success, by Janis Butler Holm


Two Games, by Dylan Godwin


Octavia, by Valérie Boxer

Found And Recent

Field Report, By Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan

Studio Tour

Gropp’s Gallery, Photos by Robert Alder

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