G.P.S. IV – Intersections

@ 5:00-7:00pm

admission: $10 door

Intersections is an artistic inquiry into social and economic convergences, geographic landmarks and reminiscences about current and historical thoroughfares. Two writers, Sarah Buchanan and Caleb Johnston and two composers, James Maxwell and Brady Marks will be invited to create musical, sonic and literary commentaries in response to two geographical locations. These works will be presented in three stages involving public intervention, a concert setting and an online installation of podcasts, twitter updates and literary works.

A strange abandoned concrete monument at the corner of Clark and the Grandview Highway, nestled between two main trucking routes, a rail yard, and a Skytrain station will be the site and subject of one collaboration. As the work develops, previews and information will seep out through Twitter updates and later documented online as a literary and audio podcast. Stay tuned to www.front.bc.ca and twitter.com/frontmagazine for more details on locations.

Additional musical/literary collaborations will include Kaspoit!, a new work based on an upcoming novel by Dennis E. Bolenwith vocalist/electronic music composer Soressa Gardner. The work explores new approaches to language and music and puts speculative illustration to some of the most brutal Western Canada crimes of the recent past. It is a pure exploration of the ‘banality of evil’, chilling and outrageous. and artist Jeremy Todd’s inquiry into unfulfilled ideas and arrested communications in Not Sent Letters with music by Graham Meisner.

Presented with LIVE Performance Art Bienniale