Gabi Dao – Slow Wave Pt 1. & Here Nor There


眼保健操  (Yan Bao Jian Cao)

Sounds at Sunset 
Let me help you do it yourself

Here Nor There

Beginning in May 2017, a sound art festival will unfold slowly in and around the Western Front in conversation with the launch of a new podcast series Here Nor There. These slow wave programs are produced by Gabi Dao, current artist in residence in the media program, alongside collaborators, guests, and friends.

The first half of the festival will be take place May 14th, each Sunday for one month, in the Grand Luxe Hall at the Western Front. Here Nor There episodes will be recorded throughout, slated for release in fall 2017. Upcoming events include:

May 14th | Doors 7:30 PM, sound starts at 8:00 PM | 眼保健操  (Yan Bao Jian Cao) 

An interactive concert composed and led by musicians Yu Su and Scott Gailey.  Space is limited, RSVP required at

May 21st | Doors 6:30 PM, sound starts at 7:00PM | Sounds at Sunset 

The 9th of the concert series curated by artist and musician Soledad Muñoz, performances to be announced! Seating is limited.

May 28th & June 4th | 10AM-2PMLet me help you do it yourself

A two part introductory workshop of production, recording and noise making with DIY sensibilities, guided by artist and musician Tom Whalen. Lunch served both days. No experience necessary but RSVP required at

About Here Nor There:

Throughout this residency, the Western Front’s audio suite and green room have become the headquarters for Here Nor There production. The show invites artists, musicians, writers, curators, organizers and other cultural producers to speak about their work in the places they call home. The program seeks to be a platform for audibility, to facilitate dialogue and to provide an intimate space for listening. It uses and encourages ‘the episode as form’ and will mine the medium of the podcast as an accessible, horizontal platform in which those who consume content also have the ability to produce it. Here Nor There’s ‘slow-wave’ activity will eventually culminate as an archive on its own website, the second wave will be announced some time later in the summer, stay tuned!

find the episodes:

Here Nor There website


iTunes - Here Nor There

Google Play – Here Nor There

About the Artists:

Yu Su is a producer, DJ and collector based in Vancouver, Canada. Born and raised in Kaifeng, China. With many years of training in classical piano, her music moves freely between the reflection of her cultural heritage & the landscape of the less familiar Pacific Northwest. Her collaborative project You’re Me further examines this approach and is critically acclaimed as a successful combination of musical composition and environmental studies. Scott Gailey is an electronic musician and composer based in Vancouver, unceded Coast Salish territories. His work explores the gaps between sonic objects, placelessness and location in sound, the accidents and incidents of our intuitive rhythms, and the mystery of sense. He works both solo and collaboratively as a member of the group You’re Me.

Soledad Muñoz is an interdisciplinary artist born in Toronto, Canada and raised in Rancagua, Chile. Currently based in Vancouver, her work seeks to explore the analogy between the ever-changing social spaces we inhabit, the inter-connectivity materialized in the woven structure and an embodied experience of sound. While still living in Chile, she studied Film Arts at Universidad de Artes y Ciencias Sociales (ARCIS). After returning to Canada she completed the Textile Arts Program at Capilano University and earned a BFA at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. In 2014 she founded Genero, an audio project which focuses in the distribution and greater representation for women working in the sound realm. Soledad was the recipient of The City of Vancouver Mayor’s Arts Award for Emerging Artist in Craft and Design and The Emily Carr President’s Media Award – Installation/Interactive Media.

Samira Warsame is a queer Somali freestyle singer and rapper from Vancouver BC. Warsame began her musical career professionally in 2017 throwing and hosting events in east Vancouver. She has recently returned to Vancouver after spending a year in Montreal where she re-identified with her culture and developed a passion for activism which she is channeling within her music and expression. Working on rolling all of the marginalized aspects of her life into one big powerful force, she is currently perfecting her EP. She challenges her musical creativity by freestyling live on a beat and switching between spoken-word poetry, soul and rap. DJing weekly in the city has allowed her to become an active and respected member of the communities she engages with. She is currently hosting a weekly party called PEP TALK which is a platform for QTIBPOC; with priority handed to black women. Always.

Nvrsine is a female hip-hop producer currently based in Vancouver. originally from Morrocco, nvrsine grew up in Montreal and travels between Vancouver, LA and Montreal. She takes inspiration from her travel and life experiences.

The bitch is back. Born of an east side household in Vancouver, Prado is a young singer, producer and visionary. She is on a mission to spread love n energies through sound. The journey has just begun so follow up, the remedy is here.

Tom Whalen is an artist and musician from Vancouver BC. He has produced work for the last 10 years, self-recording music in a wide variety of styles and freelancing as an audio technician. He has performed under such names as Space Bros., New Vaders and currently as Tommy Tone. He also runs a tape label with Robert Ondzik called Smooth Effects.

Gabi Dao questions the conditions of aesthetic experiences through reflections on the nuances of identity, personal histories and memory, mostly through sculpture, installation and sound. As an extension of her artistic work, she organizes of exhibitions, readings, musical performances, and other happenings at AVENUE (2013-2015) and DUPLEX with her studio collective. She recently completed a BFA at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, was the inaugural recipient of the Portfolio Prize award for emerging artists in 2016.