Game & Operetta

Operetta, in its 17th century beginnings, was a form of performance that was diminutive in comparison to the full-blown version of that art of plays, the opera. Short, amusing, with some spoken parts, Operetta had represented an alternative form of performance that set itself apart from the fully cast grandeur of its predecessor/contemporary. In Laurel Woodcock’s installation, the term Operetta has come to its modernist nature as musical comedy or musical theatre, incorporating spoken dialogue and dance that somewhat imitates its precursor, while coming to play a reconstructed rendering of the act of performance and the performer.

Woodcock incorporates thematic cuts from popular culture that ply the viewers’ perception with juxtaposition of unfamiliar elements in order to disassociate and reconnect to the cultural cross-section. Operetta features video projection and sound, where each element comes to assume the roles of dance, dialogue and music.

H Nic Kim