Goodnight, Aubergine

A performance in which Weidenhammer reads to an eggplant and then proceeds to prepare an eggplant and zucchini while speaking about her love life, identity and perceptions of women.

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VI, no. 4, p. 6, March/April 1995:

Lori Weidenhammer is a performance artist from Cactus Lake, Saskatchewan. She toured the western Fringe circuit in 1992 with a play co-written and performed with Rebecca Popoff called The Blessed Doris Day Cafe, about two women who bowl across Saskatchewan. Last year, her one woman show, Zucchini Mama: By the Skin of Her Eggplant portrayed a woman obsessed with her opera-singing ovaries. This year Weidenhammer has being touring a show called Lies About Betty, and the Truth about Zucchini. Lori has collaborated with Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie and Jr. Gone Wild. Weidenhammer’s poetry video for Word Up has premiered on Much Music. She is currently based in Winnipeg.

Digitized video available through Western Front Archives upon research request.