Hard to Imagine: Illicit Homoerotic Photography and Film 1880-1969

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. V, no. 3, p. 7, January/February 1994:

A presentation on the hidden history of gay male image-making illustrated by the screening of rare archival films and photographs. Anonymous, mutilated, suppressed, these explicit photos and films shimmer through decades of shame and neglect and still manage to do exactly what they were made to do–serve as erotica for gay men. Hard to Imagine reveals a history of underground gay culture and offers four short silent films and almost eighty photographs as evidence of a legacy to be reclaimed.

Thomas Waugh is a film historian, teaching at Concordia University in Montreal. His book on gay male erotic photography and film will appear later this year.

This lecture is presented as part of UBC President’s Lecture Series in Lesbian and Gay Studies, in collaboration with UBC Fine Arts Gallery, Western Front and Queer City.